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  • Authorized Rhino Linings Facility.
  • Proud Eco-Coat Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • One Stop DFW Coatings location and Insurance Claim Assistance.
  • We work with ALL insurance companies, most manufacturer, and extended warranty companies.
  • No Charge for insurance estimates when we perform the work.
  • Rhino Eco-Coat protective coating contains UV stabilizers that reflect the sun, resulting in a cabin that’s 10 to 20-degrees cooler on hot summer days.
  • It costs significantly less than replacing the previous rubber or vehicle roof every few years.
  • Rhino Eco-Coat protective coating contains UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment that forms a long-term barrier against water intrusion.
  • Buy it, Rhino it, Enjoy it!

How It Works

Lay Bare

Existing roof is carefully stripped down to the underlying plywood or other surfaces


Seams & large gaps are filled & any previous adhesives are removed & sanded down


All wood & various surfaces are sanded, prepped, masked & Primer applied


Eco-Coat™ is applied and needs only 24 hours to dry and cure completely, ready for road travel!

RV Roof Sealant Advantages